Hardwood Floor – Finishing

A dull and lifeless floor might need a good deep clean, in which case you should look at the CK Wood Floor Sanders & Restorers Restoring page. A stain might be the answer, but often all that’s needed to bring a hardwood floor back to life is a brand new finish.

There are dozens of different finishing options available, but not all of them are applicable with a certain type of floor and/or previous finish. Some are not compatible with waxed wood floors for example, and you may just dislike the results of a particular finish once it’s done. This can prove to be a bit of a minefield.


There are various floor “renewal kits” and “revivers” on the market, available for any DIYer to buy and use. Many of them are good products and give super results, but they’re generally a lot more awkward to use than expected, and if used under the wrong circumstances or in the wrong way, they can cause more damage to the poor original floor.

So why not simply hide that dirt and grime under a good dark stain? This is quite a common thought, but unfortunately, any dust and dirt particles that are there are even more noticeable once the stain seals them in. You can read more about staining on the CK Wood Floor Sanders & Restorers Staining page.

There are various other things to think about when deciding upon a finish. You may love a shiny, glossy floor, but the chance of slipping on a hardwood floor is greatly increased with this type of finish over a satin, matt or waxed finish.

Once you’ve got your hardwood floor just the way you want it, ask about our “Love Your Floor” maintenance and care plan, which will save you a great deal of time and trouble.



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