Hardwood Floor – Lacquered Finish

Lacquering, or varnishing is the ultimate low maintenance option. The durability that this choice gives a wood floor protects against only the most stubborn stains and gouges. Anything less can be easily dealt with with a simple to use application of floor polish.

It doesn’t give the same depth of finish or warming under foot as an oiled finish, but that balance is offset when you consider that you might not need to consider any maintenance of the floor for around 10 years.

CK Wood Floor Sanders & Restorers advise the use of only the finest quality lacquers. Cheaper alternatives can leave the floor looking flat and lifeless. The best lacquers can give an almost oiled-like finish, so you end up with the best of both worlds – low maintenance and quality finish.

You won’t need to see us that often with a lacquered finish, but you still might want to ask us about our “Love Your Floor” maintenance and care plan for your peace of mind, and fast action response just the same.



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