Hardwood Floor – Repairs

Unfortunately, some hardwood floors are so dirty, scratched or dried out that they’re beyond a “quick fix”. Sorting out a seriously damaged hardwood floor is a lengthy and labour intensive process. The resulting sanding, patching, and finishing should really be left to the professionals.

As mentioned above, the floor will need to be completely sanded to remove the top coating and any irregularities, and CK Wood Floor Sanders & Restorers sanding is relatively dust free. The deeper gashes, bumps and gaps will then need to be filled. Following this, staining, if required and top coatings will require application. This all takes time, even for professional floor restorers, and if carried out at the wrong time of year or under adverse conditions, it may prove to be a short fix.

A repaired floor needs as much care and attention as does any other hardwood floor. Ask about our “Love Your Floor” maintenance and care plan to make sure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste, leaving you with the same problem again in a few years.



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