Hardwood Floor – Stained Finish

When applied well, a stain can really emphasise the wood’s grain to its maximum. Staining works particularly well with pine floors, which can sometimes appear a little ‘washed out’ if simply coated with a lacquer or oil finish. Staining is also the ideal option if a darker than natural wood colour is desired.

The staining process usually creates a deeper-than-expected colour intensity immediately following application. This will settle down over the course of the first few weeks, as the stain fully penetrates the wood.

We never employ coloured lacquer and stain combinations, which are often used by ‘do-it-yourselfers’, as the finish achieved tends to chip or flake easily. Instead, CK Wood Floor Sanders & Restorers use traditional staining methods to colour the wood. Followed by top quality primer, lacquer or oil top coats for a more robust and protective finish. This top finish is ideal, as it will protect the wood and the staining beneath if it’s subjected to any slight scratching.

As with any hardwood flooring finish, it still needs due care and attention. We offer a “Love Your Floor” maintenance and care plan for fast action response and peace of mind.



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