Hardwood Floor – Restoring

Renewing an old hardwood floor might be cheaper and easier than you think. Sanding and staining isn’t always the only answer when it comes to unlocking a drab floor’s hidden beauty, especially if it’s undamaged.

Dirt and dust build up through use and over time to make floors look dingy. It’s not just the accumulation of this muck that causes the floor to look lifeless either, as both create superficial scratches that also help to dull the surface. Fortunately, the restoration of grimy floors needn’t be a major burden.

Try it Yourself

Sometimes a good deep clean can be enough to restore a tired floor to its former glory. Perhaps you’d like to try this to see if it does the trick. We’ll always advise you to have a professional eye cast over a floor before any work is carried out on it, but if you’re confident enough to have a crack at it, here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure the floors are thoroughly swept using a soft bristled brush (hard bristles can scratch the wood’s surface).
  2. Remove hard to reach dirt in corners and between floorboards with a vacuum.
  3. Mop the floor with a micro cloth and a concentrated cleaner that’s specifically formulated for hardwood floors. Steam, water, vinegar and sud-producing cleaners should never be used on wood floors.

If the dirt and grime are too ingrained, give us a shout. It may be the case that a scrubbing machine might be needed – or something a little more stringent. See the CK Wood Floor Sanders & Restorers Repairs page or our Finishing page for more information.

If your deep cleaned floors look all shiny and new again, you’ll want to keep them that way. Just follow these three steps to ensure that your floors will look at their best:

  1. Three times each week, perform a surface clean with a micro cloth and vacuum.
  2. Once every month, complete a deep clean with a concentrated wood floor cleaner.
  3. Once a year, get the floor professionally deep cleaned.

If this is all a little daunting, ask how our “Love Your Floor” maintenance and care plan can keep things in pristine condition for you.



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